Xpert ribbons

SmartDate Xpert Ribbons

SmartDate Xpert Ribbons offer the best rub resistance in the market, even in the most challenging applications.

Xpert resistance

  • True resin ribbons.
  • The code will withstand solvents, oil, abrasion and/or heat. It can resist extreme temperatures of up to 250°C.

Xpert performance

  • High quality codes to enhance packaging design.
  • Achieve speed up to 600 mm/second when used on the SmartDate X60.
  • Usable on all types of flexible packaging, SmartDate Xpert Ribbons are ideal for your evolving packaging needs.

Xpert solution

  • Make the best of your SmartDate coder and benefit from all product warranties*.
  • No specific care required for usage and manipulation, no operator protection needed.
  • Fit for even the most stringent health and food regulations.


* See conditions defined by Markem-Imaje.


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