5055 / 5855

5055 / 5855

5055 and 5855 Touch Dry® hot melt inks: The industry’s darkest.


5055 ink is made for use with Markem-Imaje's 5200 and 5400 large character high-resolution piezo printers, and 5855 solid ink is designed for the 5800 printer.  


The inks, which are the darkest available for their printers, ensure improved direct print images on corrugate, and higher contrast barcodes for enhanced readability.


The 5055 and 5855 inks improve line productivity by ensuring readable barcodes at up to 50% faster conveyor speeds.

Your benefits

  • Instant drying. 
  • No odor or solvents. 
  • Resistance to fading.
  • No bleed-through for a wide range of substrates.
  • Darker than any liquid ink.


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